Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Perfect, Round Snaidero Acropolis Kitchen

Kitchen is not only a place where you can spend hours, cooking different dishes but it is also a meeting place. Here you can meet your family members and enjoy together a nice breakfast or a delicious lunch.
Usually, a comfortable, tiny kitchen is a great place where you can sit with your best friend and discuss all kinds of staff enjoying maybe a nice cup of coffee. It is like a warm private place where you can feel confident and express all your feelings.
This is the concept for this round Snaidero Acropolis kitchen. Its round shape marks a perfect place where everybody can join and meet each other. Here you can find all the necessary tools which you need for cooking and it is a perfect place where all the members of the family can meet and enjoy a meal sharing all their thoughts and opinions.
It is a comfortable place where its round shape assures the fact that everybody can see everybody.


vgosh Interior said...

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Red2Black said...

Intersted in having a chat with you if you have a spare moment. I just started to follow your site and can't wait for the next updates. I'm intersted in collaborating and sharing ideas regarding interior decorating - I run http://feng-shui-tip.blogspot.com. PS is that 3rd image a 3D model scene of a touched up photograph on photoshop?

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